1. What is the fastest way to find the product you want on our website?
-The fastest way is to study the product that suits you best by following the categories.

If you’re looking for a product you’ve seen before; You can enter the product code using the search button https://modetaurus.com/de/.

2. Can I place my order without registering?

-YES, of course it is possible. After the selected products follow the next page and click first on “Proceed to checkout” and then on “Proceed to checkout as a guest”. However, it is best to create an individual account.
It records all of your purchase transactions and you don’t have to keep entering your privacy into mandatory fields.
As a registered customer, you can view your orders and make changes to the delivery address or order.

3. As a guest, will I receive confirmation of my purchases by email?

-All transactions carried out on our website are confirmed by the email address you log in to.
It does not matter whether the customer opens an account or purchases the products on our website as a guest without registration.

4. How do I know if the product I have selected is available?

-It will indicate whether or not each product is available on our website.

After ordering, the customer will be informed about questions about the goods or delivery.

5. When will my order be shipped?

-Our packages are sent on weekdays.

No parcel will be sent on weekends and public holidays.

6. Can I cancel my order?

-To cancel the order, please contact customer service at the following phone number:

Contact us at +49 1525 1410138 or send a direct mail to info@modetaurus.com

Once the products have been sent to the customer, the order cannot be canceled.

In order to avoid such situations, we ask our customers to shop more carefully.

7. What are the shipping costs for many products or international orders?

-Shipping within Germany is free, the shipping costs do not change.

For this reason, the shipping costs of the number of products ordered do not affect the number of products.

Information on shipping abroad (EU countries) can be found in the delivery and costs section.

8. Can I personally pick up the products I have ordered?

Unfortunately, for logistical reasons, it is not possible to collect the products in person.

Every product ordered is delivered with contractually agreed loads from our store.

9. What payment options do you have as a buyer in our shop?

-You can choose to pay with ….. or in advance.

10. How long will it take for the items I have ordered to be delivered?

-The processing of your order depends on your chosen payment method.

If you choose …, your receipt will be credited to our account immediately so that we can send you the item of clothing you want immediately.

When making a transfer, your order may take longer to process depending on the transfer time from your account.

There may be a delay of up to 3 working days.

Your payment options will not be processed on weekends and holidays.

You will be informed immediately about the status change of your orders.

We always try to process your orders quickly and smoothly.

11. Has my order been confirmed and shipped?

-Information about the status of your order can be found in the email you receive from us.

With every message we send you will be informed of the status of the order, the confirmation of the order, whether it has been sent or whether it has been previously delivered.

12. What can I do if I haven’t received the products within the delivery time?

-If you do not receive the products within 3-7 working days of ordering, please contact us by phone or email at our email address.

We can investigate the whole problem and find out where your order is now.

We can email you information about the order.

13. The delivery came to the address, but I was not at home. What can I do?

-The delivery service is obliged to try to deliver the products to your delivery address twice using the information you have provided.

This option is guaranteed in our service in which we ship the products.

There are no additional costs for the customer.

If the delivery service fails to reach anyone at home, they leave a notification card or try to reach the customer by phone.

Unfortunately, the online shop modetaurus.com has no influence